How to improve the quality of raw material testing for powder mortar production line

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?? For the inspection and quality control of commercial concrete mixing station, the relevant departments of national and local governments have attached great importance to it. In the past few decades, raw material testing institutions from the scale to the number of amazing transformation. How to improve the quality of raw material inspection in concrete mixing plant?

1. Establish and improve the testing and testing system of raw materials

Firstly, for the scale of the construction project, a corresponding level of testing and testing institutions and quality assurance system should be established to be responsible for the quality of engineering materials. The relevant specifications, procedures, standards and other technical documents within the business scope of the test and testing institution shall be complete, and the test and testing shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant standards, procedures and specifications.

Secondly, establish and improve the test and testing work system, including the post responsibility system of personnel at all levels and the internal working document, technical document management and confidentiality system, test sample and sampling management system, quality management manual implementation inspection system. In practical work, we should first strictly carry out quality self-inspection, strengthen quality management and quality supervision, and gradually establish and improve the four-level quality assurance system. At the same time to enhance the quality awareness of the relevant personnel, division of responsibility, responsibility to the people, the real implementation of the quality post responsibility system.

2. Strengthen the standardization of raw material sampling

Sampling of raw materials is not random, and sampling requires certain rules and principles. General sampling rules are based on a certain batch, a certain origin or a certain type to select the object of sampling test, for some special materials will have some specific requirements. For example, for pipe materials, it is required to make clear which part of a steel pipe should be sampled for testing, so as to achieve the impartiality of test results. For these specified details, it is required that the testing personnel should strictly follow the rules and regulations, operating procedures and specifications when sampling, so as to ensure that the samples taken are representative and the final test results are reliable.

3. Operate in strict accordance with test specifications and procedures

The state has formulated standards for most of the construction raw materials, and has clear provisions for the specific testing process, which must be strictly implemented. Strict operating procedures and operating specifications are the prerequisite to ensure that the final test results are scientific and fair.

4. Strengthen the maintenance of testing equipment

Complete test equipment and related instruments shall be configured in accordance with the requirements of the standard specification, and a unified measuring equipment ledger and equipment verification periodic table shall be established. Strict attention to equipment maintenance and verification and approval work, be sure to make the test equipment in good working condition, and use in the verification (or calibration) cycle, this is to ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable important link.

5. Strengthen the business training of raw material testing personnel

It is required that each person engaged in testing work should receive systematic pre-job training before taking up his/her post, and only after obtaining a post certificate can he/she be engaged in testing work. Detection personnel should constantly summarize and learn during work, improve their basic knowledge and operational skills, and avoid interference of human factors and habitual factors on test results. In addition, professional ethics education should be strengthened to avoid the interference of non-technical factors on the test results.

6. Accelerate the independence process of testing institutions

The impartiality of testing comes from the impartiality and independence of testing institutions. The testing institution is the main body of the whole testing work, and the final testing conclusion is also issued by the testing institution. This means that if the testing agency does not have an independent status, then it is difficult for it to obtain fair test results. Especially in the market economy environment, not having independent character and qualification can easily lead to the distortion of the final test results. Therefore, testing institutions should strictly abide by the rights and responsibilities entrusted to them by laws and regulations, obtain testing results objectively and impartially, and avoid interference and influence from other interest subjects.