Some brief introduction about tower type dry mortar production line

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??   The turret-type dry mortar production line is also known as the first-order mortar production line. All raw mortar materials in the design of the complete set of dry mortar equipment are prestored at the top, and then measured, mixed, stored and packaged for finished products from top to bottom.

The biggest characteristic of this type of dry mortar production line is that the material flow is relatively smooth and the equipment occupies a relatively small area. In terms of process layout, raw materials are stored at the top, powder materials are transported by air, and granular materials are sent to the warehouse by bucket elevator. At the bottom of the storehouse, the material is fed by a screw conveyor into a metering hopper set under the storehouse for weighing, and then into the mixer for mixing. The mixed finished mortar goes into the over-finished hopper and then into the packaging or bulk system respectively. The bulk can be loaded directly into the bulk carrier or it can be reloaded into the finished product storage warehouse. The packaging part is that the finished products are first put into the intermediate storage warehouse and then packaged into bags.