ZHONGXIN MACHINERY is located in China's building materials machinery and engineering machinery manufacturing center of xuzhou city, as the north-south traffic hub, the geographical position is superior, the traffic developed, for the mohican since ancient times, in today's market economy become parties to the businessman more importance; Superior geographical environment and powerful machinery research and manufacturing capacity has produced a large number of domestic well-known large enterprises, also make new (rhett) with the aid of this advantage and timely introduction of advanced foreign technology has quickly become the top of the dry mortar equipment manufacturing enterprise in China.

  ZHONGXIN address is set factory type dry mixed mortar production line design, manufacture, installation instruction, commissioning and training for the integration of enterprises, perennial technical cooperation with Singapore spring waters construction machinery co., LTD, has been successful for customers at home and abroad a number of different configuration of dry mortar factory turnkey projects, has accumulated rich professional manufacturing experience and strong scientific research and technology base, widely praised by the industry and customers; The product with high technical content, reasonable configuration, compact structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, low investment cost, according to the actual need to provide customer satisfaction of design.

  Dry mixing mortar and related industry at present in our country is booming trend, has unlimited opportunities; (rhett) mechanical technology co., LTD is willing to work with new and old customers together to seek common development in this field.